Davidson County fire department needs more volunteer firefighters



 ​Volunteer / Paid staff Application Process

If you are 18 years or older we invite you to obtain an application to join our department and be among thousands in the fire service who selflessly serve everyday. 

Along with your completed application you will need the following items:

​​​ 1.  Non Certified Driving Record
 2.  Non Certified Criminal Background Check
 3. NC Drivers License and/or Social Security Card for benefit and identification purposes

Once you have turned in the required documents then we will contact you for an interview. This is a informal interview in which our department leaders asks a few questions just to get to know you and why you want to join our department. Upon acceptance you will be notified to complete further administrative tasks and obtain equipment.

New Volunteer members are put on a probationary period for 6 months and given a training packet which includes the following: 
 1. Truck inventory and response
 2. Equipment introduction
 3. Training evolutions to be completed  such as connecting hoses and nozzles, connecting a water supply to a firetruck, and proper operation of certain equipment.

  This entry level training allows new members to become proficient in basic skills required on emergency scenes. Emergency fire and medical calls by nature are very stressful and time sensitive environments, therefore it is pivotal that we act quickly in a safe manner to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the call and the victims are properly cared for.

For the first 90 days new members are not allowed to run calls but are allowed to respond to the station so they may get credit for standing by until apparatus is back in service at the station. Upon completion of the training packet and the first 90 days, new volunteers will be allowed to run calls. This probationary period also evaluates the new volunteer to ensure this is indeed something they want to do and if they show dedication. 

                         THE VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

We depend on our volunteers to provide support during calls as they may be labor intensive and to respond with apparatus for equipment needed on emergency scenes. Your role is vital to the successful resolution to each and every call for help, your community deserves it!

Each Monday we meet at the department for training and to conduct business meetings. In these meetings personnel is informed of our budget, future events, classes upcoming, new members, new policies or procedures, and much more. Each volunteer must have 36 hours of fire training and 24 hours of medical training each year. Should there be a 5th Monday in the month we do not hold training that night.

As soon as you are able to do so we ask that you begin taking classes for certification as a firefighter and/or an emergency medical technician (EMT). Without these certifications you will not be allowed to perform patient care, fight fire on the interior of a structure, or perform rescue operations. Other certifications available to us are Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Driver Operator, Instructor , and countless others. 

Classes are FREE  and held at different times to better suit you as the volunteer. For classes that require payment Griffith Fire Department as well as the North Carolina Fireman's Association offer tuition assistance or reimbursement and scholarships. Education is a must in emergency services as new techniques and challenges are presented daily. We must be as efficient as possible when help is needed. 

In summary , the fire service is an ever changing rewarding career that requires strong dedicated individuals to sacrifice their time and if need be their life to ensure others may live. We train to protect ourselves just as much as we train to intervene in the most difficult of situations. We are a family and care greatly for each other because we spend just as much time at the fire station as we do at home with our loved ones. The fire service is rich in its history and continues to reach milestones each and every day but it wouldn't be so if people like yourself quit devoting your heart to this wonderful cause.

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