To become a CADET: 

Please pick up an application from our department , 5190 Peters Creek PKWY Winston-Salem, NC 27127 or you may fill out the contact from on the "Contact" page of this website to request a copy be sent to you.The application MUST be filled out in its entirety along with a most recent report card or the application WILL NOT be considered for review.

An interview will be set up with the applicant,  parents/guardians and a panel of department personnel.

Upon acceptance the new cadet will be provided with a Orientation  packet which is required to be completed within 180 days while the new cadet is on probation. During this time the cadet is observed and prohibited from running calls or receiving  turnout gear until their packet is completed. Once the packet is completed then the cadet will be allowed to run calls and receive gear after the first 90 days but will remain on probation for the last 90 days.

Griffith Fire Department hosts a "Cadet Program" for all youth ages 13-18 years of age. This program allows young adults an opportunity to experience first hand the life of emergency services.    Cadets are held to the same standard of conduct including disciplinary actions, Call Run requirements , and Training hours  as the senior firefighters. In addition to that , Cadets are required to maintain a "C" Average in school.

Our department trains every Monday night at 7pm and Cadets have their own training on the 3rd Monday of each month. 

Cadets are able to run all calls for service with exception to following:
Some Medical Calls 
Traffic Accidents on major roadways such as : HWY 150 (Peters Creek PKWY) , US HWY 52, &
Old Salisbury between Friedburg Church Rd & Hickory Tree Rd  

Cadets are allowed to ride an apparatus while it is running emergency traffic (Lights and Sirens) 

Cadets may perform the following actions but certainly not limited to:

  • Fighting brush/grass fires or manning exterior hose lines protecting exposures 
  • Changing air bottles  
  • Setting up tools/equipment
  • Pulling hose lines, setting up appliances or establish a water supply  


The Cadets are allowed to participate in all training's with exception of live fire exercises or those involving certain rescue evolution's. (i.e. vehicle extrication/machinery rescue)

Some of the benefits of this program include but not limited to:
College Credit courses in Emergency Services
Completion of the following N.C. Certifications after HS Graduation:
Technical Rescuer 
North Carolina Emergency Medical Technician  (Student & Age Dependent)
Professional Development & Life skills 
Exploration of many career pathways within Emergency Services

        For recognition of their hard work throughout the year the Cadets may receive gift cards, plaques for recognition, and other events throughout the year.  This program has proved itself time and time again by the number of firefighters that have now began careers at larger municipal departments or in another service ( LAW , EMS, or Military)  Not to mention advancing to an officer position in this or another department should they choose to remain indefinitely.  The life lessons learned here will remain for a lifetime!